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Referral Bonus

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your colleagues.

We appreciate our community and believe in sharing the wealth. Here's how YOU can benefit by helping us widen our circle of service:


  • Client Referrals: Refer a client (anyone with the license to hire) to The Talent Mine, and we will give you 25% of the first placement made to that client. Placement fees are typically $10,000-$40,000, so you’d receive $2,500-$10,000!).

  • Candidate Referrals: Refer a peer/friend to The Talent Mine who is hired by one of our Clients, and we will give you a $1,000 finder’s fee.

  • Career Services Refund: If you purchase a Career Services package and we place you in a new job, we will refund your Career Services payment 100%, upon payment from our client (your new company)!

  • Career Services Referrals: We will send you $100 for each friend who signs up to use our Career Services. And, if they are placed with a company, we’ll 10X that bonus to $1,000!

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