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Hiring should be fun!

Your next hire just got a whole lot easier.

You don't need more resumes.
You need the right hires.

We are former tech professionals turned expert recruiters. This is rare. We know the industry and the market. We care about your success.

Reduce your hiring time by partnering with The Talent Mine to deliver uniquely-qualified candidates.

3 ways to hire


Direct Hire

1-time fee for your new permanent employee, including The Talent Mine 90-Day Placement Guarantee, Professional References, and more.

Contract-Based Hire

We provide exceptional benefits to our Talent Miners, including:

  • Medical

  • Paid Holidays

  • 401-K Plan & Matching

  • Anniversary & Referral Bonuses

  • Advanced Training Credit

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

A TTM innovation, offering our clients a lower monthly subscription-style service. You’ll benefit from:

  • Cost savings (typically 50% of a standard placement fee).

  • The Talent Mine 90-Day Placement Guarantee

  • Market intel (i.e. average time to fill, market comp on this role, etc.)

  • Customized job descriptions

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Streamlined sourcing (including your internal/our external candidates, and scheduling)

How It Woks


We provide the candidates in much less time. Our goal is to send you uniquely-qualified, pre-vetted, pre-closed candidates within the first week. Here's how...

50-80 Applicants

To begin, we'll set up a call to understand your unique needs, challenges, goals, hiring timeline, budget, and interview process.

We'll then promote the position via our internal candidate database, external leads, and marketing efforts.

Next, we'll review and screen all applicants to determine which candidates best fit your needs and will move on to the pre-screen process.

6-8 Pre-Screens

To save you time, we conduct 45-minute video interviews with top candidates to clarify:

  • why they are looking

  • top skills

  • strengths, weaknesses, and goals
  • EQ and culture fit

  • compensation expectations

  • work authorization

  • availability and genuine interest

We work to match our candidates' "why" with yours.

3-4 Candidates

Typically, clients receive uniquely-qualified and vetted candidate profiles within the first week.

Profiles include:

  • resume

  • unique qualifications

  • compensation expectations

  • availability

We aim to present 3-4 pre-vetted candidates to give you great options.

1 Offer

Once you are ready to make an offer, we ensure the candidate is ready to accept. We'll reach out to you to discuss final arrangements.

Then, we set up a call between you and the candidate so that you get to enjoy the best part - delivering the good news!

After the offer is accepted, we'll congratulate you with a Talent Mine swag box (because we're fun like that).

The high level of candidate(s) you are looking for will likely be fielding several competing offers. We reduce hiring time by sourcing and vetting the best candidates who are already excited about your role.


To help you hire top candidates, we:

  • discuss the list of “must haves” and “don’t wants” for both you and our candidates.

  • include your pre-screening questions.

  • schedule interviews within 24 hours of each job submittal.

  • ask you to provide specific rejection and acceptance feedback to fine-tune our search.

  • provide you with any feedback the candidates may share with us.

  • pre-negotiate with candidates, so they are “pre-closed” for you.

Beyond our competitive pricing, we offer:

Whether you are looking to hire for a project, exploring contract-to-hire, or looking for a full-time placement, we have flexible options for your business. We find candidates who fill your needs while matching your company's culture and values. 


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