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Listen to Chris and TJ's value-packed conversation on the Adventurous Entrepreneurs Podcast

Our Co-Founder, Chris Bloomquist, had the pleasure of joining TJ Murphy on the Adventurous Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Chris shared his career journey as an engineer, father, entrepreneur, husband, adult Lego enthusiast, and ultimate frisbee coach.

As an empathetic leader and seasoned entrepreneur, startup founder, technical recruiter, and software engineering professional, he is passionate about leveraging that expertise in the recruitment field.

Here are just a few of the golden takeaways Chris shared in this episode:

  • A crash course in entrepreneurship 101

  • How to hire the right people

  • Career advice and how to land a job

  • Why getting sales experience is critical

  • Managing mental health as an entrepreneur.

LISTEN NOW to this value-packed episode!



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