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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need help creating a hiring strategy; where do I start?
    We routinely offer free consultation to our trusted clients around org chart design, hiring costs, viability of skills within the market and overall hiring strategy to help execute your long term business objectives.
  • What are your fees?
    We assist candidates at no charge. Our fees for clients are variable, based on elements like exclusivity, size of the client, years in business, etc. We also offer reduced fees for start-ups in environmentally-conscious fields.
  • Do you work with companies outside of the Seattle area?
    Absolutely, we have clients all over the United States and Canada.
  • Do you only make full time placements?
    We make full time placements and can help our clients on a Contract-To-Hire basis. This allows our clients more flexibility and less risk.
  • Do you only help people/companies looking for tech or engineering roles?
    Although our expertise is in placing Software Managers, Operations Managers, Engineers, Mobile, Windows, Network Admins, PMs, and other Tech Recruiters, we have been expanding our services to both operational and creative roles, as well as engineering disciplines outside of the technology realm. We also have a deep partner network if your hiring needs fall into sales, legal, finance and other professional services. We want to provide value for all your hiring needs. If we can help, we will!
  • Can you help me perfect my resume, social profile, interview style and provide me with salary negotiation advice?
    Absolutely! Click here for The Talent Mine’s Career Services page.
  • How much is your Career Services package?
    Your investment for our entire package of services (including resume and LinkedIn profile review, job search strategy, interview preparation, and salary negotiation) is just $600.
  • Are Career Services available for people in all countries?
    Yes! We can work with anyone, virtually, using Microsoft Teams.
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